For the modern, health-minded individual, who struggles to incorporate anti-oxidant rich loose-leaf tea into their busy schedule, K-T London is a tea retailer that enables tea-lovers everywhere to enjoy the benefits of loose-leaf tea on the go in an elegant and easily transportable tea-infusing bottle, inspired by an age-old tradition in China.  Unlike many common brands with a laundry list of dangerous pesticides or the confusing array of online offerings, KT London guarantees highest-quality, sustainably-sourced teas usually only available in high-end retail stores straight to your door for a fraction of the price.  Did we mention they’re delicious!


Apple Blossom Spring Tea

An aromatic fresh new tea which has a base of Green tea and some added ingredients to form our brand new 'Apple Blossom Tea!'

'Blending ingredients including Apple, Orange peel, Heather blossoms, Jasmine Blossoms and Pink Cornflower Blossoms; with a base of the all time favourite Green Tea- this will be the most desired tea of the season!'


£4.00 per 30g



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