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For the modern, health-minded individual, who struggles to incorporate anti-oxidant rich loose-leaf tea into their busy schedule, K-T London is a tea retailer that enables tea-lovers everywhere to enjoy the benefits of loose-leaf tea on the go in an elegant and easily transportable tea-infusing bottle, inspired by an age-old tradition in China.  Unlike many common brands with a laundry list of dangerous pesticides or the confusing array of online offerings, KT London guarantees highest-quality, sustainably-sourced teas usually only available in high-end retail stores straight to your door for a fraction of the price.  Did we mention they’re delicious!


New Teas

Rooibos Tea

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea

Gunpowder Green Tea


Seasonal Collection

Special Summer Bora Bora Blend

Bora Bora blend gets its name from the beautiful Volcanic island, where there are many delicious local fruits such as Mangos and Strawberry’s, these being the two main flavours in the blend. The blend has a sweet and tangy flavour and includes some of the finest flavours of Southern fruits.

Add this blend to Green tea for a delicious natural sweetener as well as still getting the health benefits of the Green Tea!

£5.00 each



Special Spring Package

Oolong and Rose Tea

Oolong and Rose Tea have traits to support one’s immune system

In addition, hydration of any kind to fight viruses is imperative.


£10 including shipping

2 x 50g packs




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